Thursday, 22 March 2007

Water: Everyone’s Business

Today – World Water Day – should be an important day in everyone’s diaries. The Human Development Report 2006 and today’s press release by the African Development Bank explain why. One African out of three lacks access to safe drinking water supply, while one out of two lacks access to sanitation.

Water is increasingly seen by business as a core business issue, and rightly so. The business angle is profiled in today’s Financial Times Special Report, "Business and Water" and in a consultation report launched today by the International Business Leaders Forum. It was also the focus of a recent Diageo-supported event organised by the Foreign Policy Centre. Speaking at the event, the UK International Development Minister Gareth Thomas outlined the UK's own commitments in this area, while Norah Odwesso of Diageo Africa gave an example of what business is doing.

Companies such as SABMiller, Diageo and Nestlé are leading the way in what business should and can practically do. It’s about time others followed their example.

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William Roberts said...

There's a very good report from the Globalisation Institute, Water for Life, which argues for private sector involvement in providing water.