Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Talking business in Ghana

I co-chaired the EU-Africa Business Forum in Ghana recently (21-22 June), an honour I was less than sure about after the largely declaratory inaugural meeting in Brussels last November. But we tasked the four working-groups (trade, entrepreneurship, infrastructure and ICT) to come up with deadlined deliverables and the results (fed into the AU Summit) were not bad.

Given the political profile - lots of AU and EU people there, led by their respective Commissioners Maxwell Mkwezalamba and Louis Michel - the Forum has the potential to be quite a good way of getting across business concerns (I was for example able to make various interventions in support of more efficient intra-regional trade flows)... though, having now done three big meetings across Africa in three weeks, I am also mindful of the danger of over-stretch/overlap/dilution.

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